How To Claim Your Listing

In order to claim a listing on TexasPlumberNow Directory you need to be logged into the system. You can tell if you are logged in by looking at the upper right menu. If you see the option to login then you are not logged in. If you have not registered do so by clicking here

Once logged in search for your listing and click on the “Claim This Listing” link

This will open up the claim listing form

Fill in any additional details for your claim and click “Claim Listing”. If you have an official website, Google My Business page or Facebook page please list those.

That simple.

How Are Listing Claims Validated?

The fastest way to get a listing validated is to have a Google My Business profile that we can validate your claim with. If the claim request is coming from a domain email that matches the domain on the Google My Business profile then those can be approved without further validation. Otherwise, the business will be contacted on their published phone number to obtain approval for the claim request.

What If My Business Doesn’t Have A Google My Business Profile?

Get one! It’s free and you will not be visible in local searches on Google without one.

What If My Business Name Has Changed?

If your business name has changed please note that in the Additional Details of the claim window along with the correct name that we can find the Google My Business profile under

My Business Has Multiple Entries

There are many cases where a business has multiple listings. For example a business might have listings as “ABC AC”, “ABC AC, Co” and “ABC AC LTD”.  This causes a problem because Google looks for consistency in your business listing (known as a local citation) to match what is in your Google My Business profile. If you have multiple listings on this site it is in your best interest to claim them. Once claimed, you can delete the listings you do not want and keep the one which matches your GMB exactly.

To learn more about local citations click here

If you have any other questions about claiming a listing on this site feel free to contact us.